1972 the Gantioler family welcomed its first guests. At that time the Haus an der Luck had 5 rooms for visitors. Soon, a house offering beds and an outdoor swimming pool were added. 1979 the hotel was extended to 17 rooms and 1985 the “Törggelen” evenings where wine, chestnuts and a rustic meal were shared with guests in the restaurant.

It has always been tradition among farmers to welcome and host guests on their own alpine pasture. A special experience for guests used to be to participate in the hay harvest.

2001 the hotel was modified and refurbished. It became bigger and its quality improved. Today, son Alexander and Sarah also work for the hotel.

The name Haus an der Luck is derived from a rural tradition. In former times, Barbiano was largely a collection of farms with pastures and fields. The cows were driven to the pasture through the “Luck”, a gap in the fence. This is how our hotel got its name “Haus an der Luck”, which mean “house by the Luck”, or “house by the gap”.